Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jamie Grump Grump

Last night was most definitely the best episode of Top Chef yet.  Why?  Because stupid Jamie "I deserve to win every challenge more than everyone else" Lesbian was kicked off.  That was great.  What I'm grumpy about is that people think she deserved to stay.  Seriously?  She couldn't cook celery!  I'm sorry, but if you can't cook celery you deserve to go home.  If no one can actually eat your food you deserve to go home.  Believe me I know, I was there.
It was bad, and that's coming from me and I ocassionally lick my bum.  We judges are told over and over that we're only judging the dish in front of us.  Plus, her other stuff wasn't so great. Wow, lots of scallops and corn soup, good for you.  This isn't Top Scallop!  Besides, this way crazy eyes Carla gets a chance to get in the finals.  
So go home to California and enjoy honoring the ingredients.  

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