Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fabric Grump Grump

I was fabric shopping online to make myself a new coat since someone ate my old one. I found pretty awesome fabric with mustaches on it and got pretty excited.
It was listed as $9, which I thought was pretty expensive for quilting cotton, which they sell for like $3 at Jo-Anns. It is mustaches, I thought, maybe it's worth it. But no. The $9 was for a "fat quarter" not a yard. For a piece of fabric 18" by 21". It's $36 for a yard. You can get fancy silk from Mood for that price.
But Grumpdog, wouldn't a fat quarter be enough fabric for a coat for you? Fine, yes it would. But if you're going to make a coat, you then need to make the matching pants, gloves, hat. That takes fabric.
It's all too bad since it would have looked great with my new mustache.

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