Saturday, January 3, 2009

Socks grump grump

Some people (cough cough Mitch) thought that in my post complaining about the person who currently has the grumpdog.blogspot blog I wrote that he blogged about socks instead of stocks.  How crazy does he think I am?  An entire blog devoted to socks would be amazing.  I myself am a huge fan of socks.

To illustrate just how useful a blog devoted to socks will be I give you these:

Cat socks!  Just imagine the versatility.  First they keep your feet warm.  Second you can use them assuage your cat "friends".  Imagine, oh yes kitty, we're just like you.  Come over and play, we'll let you knead on our heads.  That's when you pounce!  They'll never see it coming.  All of this just from socks.

Look how much you just learned from only one entry about socks.  Now just imagine what would happen if there were an entire blog!

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