Monday, March 2, 2009

The Tudors Grump Grump

I've been watching The Tudors on DVD and so far it's been pretty awesome. Watching people get boiled alive is entertaining, especially when it's a character you haven't become attached to. However, I'm now getting to the part when Henry starts to become an ass to Anne Boleyn. I like Anne Boleyn. Now I can't watch the rest because you know she's going to die. Not only does it take the suspense out of the story but it makes watching it painful because you know what's coming.
You know what would make for a surprise ending? Don't kill Anne Boleyn! I'm going to write the story of King Penry and Anne Poleyn. Anne has a boy after Elizabeth so Penry is super happy and never kills Anne. Later Penry dies, the boy dies soon after so we can still end up with Queen Elizabeth. Someone tell me why this hasn't been made into a movie yet?

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